At Shelton Chiropractic & Wellness we address the cause of your pain so you can get back to living.

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Improving lives is our top priority

"We offer a variety of services designed to help you achieve your health care goals. Many people initially come to the office for pain relief. In time they find that when symptoms improve, the deeper healing begins. We teach you what your body needs to be healthy and how to maintain your health and sense of well-being."

Dr. Morgan Kinnear, DC

What can Chiropractic treat?

At Shelton Chiropractic & Wellness we combine different wellness disciplines in order to offer you a comprehensive path to wellness. Our team has experience helping community members with numerous challenges related to pain, stiffness and lack of mobility. Here are a few symptoms we are used to seeing in our clinic.

Back Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief

Scoliosis Relief

Jaw Pain & TMJ Relief

Postural Issues

Accident & Injury Relief

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We love what we do and it is an honor to be here in this beautiful Pacific Northwest community in the valuable and growing business of natural health care. Great health is not a destination but rather a manner of traveling. We are here to assist you in your path to health and healing.

We are proud of what sets us apart and we are here to assist in creating a community of healthy people, who live and thrive, while on their pathway to health.
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